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CRID Webinar Series – American University of Dubai Lectures – Lighting

Join our principal Lighting Designer Cherine Saroufim in the next part of the American University of Dubai lectures on June 22nd, 2022 – 01:00 PM Dubai time, 12h00 Beirut time.

Saroufim will talk about lighting design from concept to execution. Good lighting doesn’t just happen, its designed. In this ever-changing world, one consistent parameter does not change: the human being. Lighting whether natural – as daylight – or artificial, is a crucial player in our everyday life. How can we use lighting to enhance the spaces we live in while developing a human centric design? What parameters should we take into consideration to create well-lit spaces that are also aesthetically pleasing. Throughout this presentation, we will look at the different phases of a lighting design project form conceptual design till execution.

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