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ATELIER SAROUFIM’s work ranges from the architectural design and engineering of individual buildings to the master planning and design of entire communities. The firm has conceived, designed, and built projects that include corporate offices; banking and financial institutions; government buildings; public and private institutions; health care facilities; religious buildings; airports; commercial and retail facilities; recreational and sports facilities; university buildings; and residential developments.

Services include:
Site and building evaluations feasibility studies, facilities programming and planning, conceptual design, preliminary design, architectural design, working drawings and details, sustainable design, construction administration and management, post-occupancy evaluations and specifications.


ATELIER SAROUFIM endeavors to incorporate “green building” products and/or “sustainable design” principles to varying degrees in its projects.

ATELIER SAROUFIM provides full, sustainable, architectural design services. We are a fullservice architecture design firm with architects experienced in green design and building with LEED Accreditation and Green Building Professional credentials.


In 2017, ATELIER SAROUFIM has joined the Lebanon Climate Act which aims at creating economic growth in a way that also creates value for the society by addressing Climate Change challenges. The project is organized in line with Lebanon’s INDC, the country’s climate change engagement at COP21.

On the other hand our Qatari entity has Global Sustainability Assessment System certified engineers and is GSAS service provider; GSAS is a green building certification system developed for the State of Qatar. The primary objective of GSAS is to create a sustainable built environment that minimizes ecological impact while addressing the specific regional needs and environment of State of Qatar.

ATELIER SAROUFIM has already completed several certified LEED and GSAS projects.


Interior architecture was founded to offer our Clients interior services on par with the firm’s architectural offerings. Despite being a distinct discipline, the department collaborates closely with the firm’s architectural and engineering teams. Responsible for planning, programming, and design across various projects like retail stores, showrooms, restaurants, residential spaces, TV sets, banks, and corporate headquarters, this department operates with a broad scope.

Services include:
Interior design, strategic facilities analysis, programming, building systems analysis, corporation standards development, space planning and relocation strategies.


The members of our Lighting Design Team and Consultants have a wide array of expertise in lighting design, theatrical consulting, architectural engineering and architectural history. With this diverse background, they bring a firm understanding of both the artistry and technology behind lighting design.

By approaching each project from both angles, our team provides solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. Our professionals can design functional, energy-efficient lighting systems for all kinds of projects, from museum exhibits to parking lots.

Services include:
Theatrical design, landscape and exhibit illumination, lighting master plans, research for custom luminaires designs, calculations for day lighting and emergency egress and information source on newest lighting technology


Urban design is about making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric. Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation of placeswith distinct beauty and identity. Urban design draws these and other strands together creating a vision for an area and then deploying the resources and skills needed to bring the vision to life.

Services include:
Site selection studies, project feasibility analyses, master planning and design, environmental analysis and planning.

Project types include:
Urban planning and redevelopment, suburban planning and development, new communities and land development, environmental processing and analysis; urban transportation, civic open spaces, waterfront planning, transportation planning; site planning and design.


Through the skillful understanding of branding, placemaking, architectural, interior design, and graphic design, ATELIER SAROUFIM’s graphic design team aims to successfully develop innovative and exciting ways to visually communicate the richness of character and a spirit of place. ATELIER SAROUFIM works to skillfully communicate the authenticity and uniqueness of the brand into an architectural graphics and signage system that identifies a project character and reinforces its personality through the signage, wayfinding and specialty graphics. We always thrive integrating graphic design into the built environment that truly connects people to place.

Services include: portfolio; web design; logo design; business cards; identity packages; brochures & mailers; print ads and flyers; media and packaging; signs and banners.


ATELIER SAROUFIM was founded as a collaborative practice of architects and engineers organized to reflect the integral relationship between architecture and engineering in building design.

Services include:
Project feasibility studies, energy analysis and conservation studies, fire and life safety engineering, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical systems design, power distribution systems, emergency power generation, lighting systems and daylighting studies, building telecommunications systems, building management systems, plumbing, waste and disposal systems, tenant and retrofit design, computer modeling, analysis and simulation


ATELIER SAROUFIM was founded as a collaborative practice of architects and engineers organized to reflect the integral relationship between architecture and engineering in building design. We focus on developing structural systems for buildings of  all sizes and complexities and civil site and infrastructure designs for architectural projects. We work on innovative, effective solutions for challenging structures and sites and for delivering successfully even when it seems impossible.

Services include:
Structural systems design, high-rise structural systems design, long-span systems design, structural performance criteria development and load calculations, fire engineering, structural seismic analysis and engineering design, foundation design, blast analysis, structural aspects of renovating and modernizing historic structures including seismic base isolation and value engineering.


The construction services team offers Clients a single and comprehensive source of solutions backed by combined local knowledge and regional expertise. Our construction services experts provide clients with an extensive range of pre-construction and construction-related services and solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity. As an essential team member on each project, we play a crucial role in helping clients realize their visions. As a project progresses, or increases in complexity, we customize our services to fit each client’s unique needs and requirements. Our suite of services covers every aspect of a client’s project, from design to completion. We are committed to achieving the highest safety standards on all our projects, using proven, leading-edge technologies
and behavior-based safety practices to reduce risks to our employees, clients and surrounding communities. Guiding clients and projects through the critical phases of project development, maintaining and documenting communication, managing schedules, ensuring the quality of materials and the final product and assuming client fiduciary responsibilities.

Project types include:
Contract administration, change order management, cost and schedule management, safety program and performance monitoring, inspection, quality control and quality assurance, document control, claims and dispute resolution and value engineering.